Are You Missing Cool Biker Brotherhood Brotherhood VIP Club Posts?

With Facebook making changes all the time to how new posts appear on your feed, I thought it might be helpful if I showed you guys how to ensure you never miss a post!

Just follow the video below and in less then 30 seconds you'll be back in control of your Facebook account.

Step 1: Go to the Biker Brotherhood VIP Club group here and find the NOTIFICATIONS button on the right, below the main page image.

Step 2: Click “Notifications” button to open a drop down menu, then click "Manage Notifications.

Step 3: Last, click the “All Posts” option on the Pop U[p menu. Then click SAVE.

That's it! Facebook will now start showing you the posts that you want to see instead of just a bunch of ads.

Now new posts from our members will always show in your Facebook news feed so you don't miss anything cool or important going on in the group.

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